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The Town Clerk's office issues New York State Sporting licenses for big and small game hunting, trapping, and fishing. Licenses run from October 1st to September 30th of the following year. All sportsmen/women must present proof of identity and address (usually a driver's license. For hunting/bowhunting licenses proof of a prior license or a hunter/bowhunting training certificate is also required.) Currently the Town Clerk's Office is processing Deer Management Permits. Hunters must know their preference for the Wildlife Management Unit in order to process the Deer Management Permits.

License fees are as follows:

Resident of New York State:

Non Resident:

$5 Senior citizen (70+/or military disability)
$ 15
One-day fishing
$29 Fishing season $ 70 Fishing season
$15 Seven Day Fishing $ 35 Fishing 7-day
$16 Hunting (small game) $ 85 Hunting (small game)
$26 Small & Big Game $140 Big game (deer only)
$21 Trapping $ 50 Bear tag (big game/bow/muzzle/or combination license required)
$21 Bowhunting (big game license required) $140 Bowhunting
$21 Muzzleloading (big game license required) $140 Muzzleloading
$10 Turkey permit $ 50 Turkey permit
$47 Sportsman (big game, small game & fishing)  

Super Sportsman (hunting/ fishing /big game/bowhunting/ muzzleloading & turkey)

$280 Super Sportsman (hunting/ fishing/big game/bowhunting/ muzzleloading & turkey)
$ 6 Junior Trapping (under 16 years of age)

Special Stamps: Resident & Non Resident

$ 5 Junior small game (12 to 15 year olds)
$ 9 Junior archery (14 and 15 year olds)

$ 5 Lost license (per stamp lost)
$ 5 Habitat Stamp
$12 Conservation Patron (Habitat Stamp plus Conservationist Magazine)

Resident Lifetime licenses are presently being issued at the Town Clerk's Office.

Sportman: child under 4 years old
Sportman: child 5-11 years old
Sportman: child 12-69 years old
Sportman: 70 years old and older (senior)
Small and Big Game
Fishing: up to 69 years old
Fishing Lifetime Senior
Archery all ages
Muzzzle-loading all ages
Trapping all ages

A Lifetime Sporting License is available to anyone who has been a New York resident for a least one year, or to a parent as a gift for a child. Call 518-457-3521. To renew a sporting license by mail use Visa or MasterCard and call 518-457-8862.