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Tel: 914-763-3060
Fax: 914-533-0097


Building Department

Building Inspector/Fire Inspector: Peter C. Barrett

Deputy Building Inspector/Fire Inspector: Paul Bauer


Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Phone: (914) 763-3060
Fax: (914) 533-0097

Mailing address:
Physical Address:
GPS Address

Town of Lewisboro
Attn: Building Department
P. O. Box 725
Cross River, NY 10518

20 Cross River Shopping Center
@ Orchard Square
Suite L (Lower Level)

Cross River, NY 10518

20 North Salem Road
(Or, Route 121)
Cross River, NY 10518

Building Department Functions:

  • Maintains records for all buildings built in Town since 1936, including building permit and certificates of occupancy, inspection records, building plans, surveys, electrical certificates, septic system and notices of violations.
  • Assists property owners with questions regarding use of their property.
  • Receives building permit applications, and reviews for building code and zoning compliance.
  • Issues building permits and certificates of occupancy, and inspects work in progress.
  • Answers questions regarding Town zoning laws (i.e. number of horses permitted, fencing requirements, setbacks regulations, etc.)
  • Performs Fire Safety Inspections of multiple dwelling and all nonresidential occupancies.
  • Reviews complaints, makes inspections, and takes appropriate action, including issuance of appearance tickets, for violations.
  • Inspects and monitors accessory apartments for compliance and renewal of permits.
  • Makes records available to other Town departments, such as Town Board, Assessor, Highway Department, Planning Board, Architecture and Community Appearance Review Council, and Zoning Board, and coordinates site walks when needed.
  • The Building Department also advises the Town Board on needed amendments to Town ordinances.

Building Permit Requirements:

  • Applications for Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy (both submitted at same time.)
  • Fees for both (see attached schedule.)
  • Plans and specifications, 3 sets, one with architect's or engineer's seal (New York State only.) This is not required for additions costing less than $20,000, unless requested by the Building Department.
  • Plot Plan (survey showing setbacks as described below.)
  • Where applicable, approval for sewage disposal system from the Westchester County Department of Health, 118 South Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY  (864-7333).
  • Driveway permit from Lewisboro Highway Department.  Bond and fee required. (763-3166)
  • Appropriate contractor licenses & insurance certificates.

Area Requirements:

front side rear
R-4A 4 acres 75CL*/50st 50 50
R-2A 2 acres 75CL*/50st 40 50
R-1A 1 acre 65CL*/40st 30 40
R-1/2A 1/2 acre 55CL*/30st 15 30
R-1/4A 1/4 acre 50CL*/25st 12 25
R2F 10,000   55CL*/25st 10 20
R2F 7,500   50CL*/25st 8 20

CL*: center line of street
st: side line of street (front property line)

Any property located in R-1/2A Zoning District or less may have an accessory building 12 feet high or less located 5 feet from any line in the rear yard.

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Note change in Building Code:
The New International Type Building Code went into effect in New York State on July 3, 2002.

Building Code Chapter 92 - Final Version June, 2009.




Effective January 1, 2011

Building Department Fee (includes plumbing, heating, mechanical): $100.00 filing fee plus
$2.00 Records Management Fee
$10/thousand or any part of cost of construction
Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Compliance: $10/thousand of the cost of construction.   Minimum $20.00

Demolition Permit:

      Structures under 600 square feet:

      Structure over 600 square feet:




Blasting Permit: $150.00/Application
Operating Permit: $100.00/Application

Certificate of Occupancy Section 220-76C*:

(Certificate will be a letter stating sheet, block and lot, existing room, use and occupancy.)

Copies: $.25

For occupying or using a building or structure without first having obtained a Certificate of Occupancy: $500./week
For commencement of work requiring a permit without first having obtained such permit:



For each failure to call for periodic inspections as required: $100.00
For re-inspections: $100./each
Searches for Certificates of Occupancy and Violations: $25.00/each
For violation of a "Stop Work" order: $500./day

Application to Zoning Board of Appeals -

      Zoning Variance:

      Special Permit:



All New York State Codes are available for purchase at

For all electrical inspections in the Lewisboro area contact:

Statewide Inspection Services
116 South Central Avenue
Elmsford, NY 10523
Fax# 914-219-1062

Weschester Rockland Electrical Inspection Services
43 North Lawn Avenue
Elmsford, NY 10523
Fax# 914-347-3596

New York Electrical Inspection services
54 North Central Avenue
Elmsford, NY 10523
Fax # 914-347-4394


Fire Inspector: Peter Barrett and Paul Bauer are appointed to make fire & safety inspections.

For information on Asbestos, visit: