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P.O. Box 500
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Tel: 914-763-3100
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Joann Vasi

Deirdre Casper
Receiver of Taxes

Oakridge Water Billing Administrator

Diane Crocker
Deputy Receiver of Taxes

Office located at:

Town House
11 Main Street, P.O. Box 412
South Salem, NY 10590
Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 p.m.

Phone: 914-763-3100
Fax: 914-763-9547
Email: Receiver of Taxes

Please remit water payments to:
Receiver of Taxes, PO Box 412,
South Salem, NY 10590
Please make checks payable to:
Town of Lewisboro

Note:  The 2013 school tax bill is based on the 2012 assessment roll.  The bills were inadvertently programmed to read 2013 instead of 2012. 

Town of Lewisboro Tax Rates for 4 years

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    DATES TO REMEMBER TOWN/COUNTY/FIRE TAX - This is an APRIL bill and it is due by April 30th - full payment is required.

    SCHOOL TAX - This is a SEPTEMBER bill (which covers a 12 month tax year running from July 1 through June 30 of the following calendar year) and can be paid in full in the month of September, or in the alternative it can be paid in two installments with the first installment received by the tax office (or at a minimum postmarked) no later than September 30th and the second installment received by the tax office (or at a minimum postmarked) no later than January 31.

    PENALTIES - Any late payments are subject to penalties that are prescribed by law and the Receiver has no discretion to waive them. The penalty schedule is included on your bill and ranges from 2% to 12% depending on dates postmarked or received.  By law you are responsible for tax payment by the above due dates whether or not you get a bill. We cannot accept partial payment and amounts need to be exact.

    ONLINE BANKING – Be very careful when using online banking to pay tax bills.  While the taxpayer may have properly instructed his or her bank on due dates, if the bank makes a mistake, it is still the taxpayer who remains responsible for penalties.  Online bank payments have arrived late and without a timely U.S. postal service postmark.

    We do not want any homeowners to be in the position of having to pay penalties so please call the Receiver’s office at 763-3100 if you have any questions about the timing of bills, amounts due, or deadlines.


New York State Law states whether you receive a bill or not, you are ultimately responsible for payment including penalties. Once a bill is in the penalty stage, payment cannot be accepted without the penalty. All unpaid taxes become a lien by May 1st of the following year.

In the Tax Office you will find the Town of Lewisboro Assessment Roll as well as the Tax Roll.

The Tax Office maintains listings of all property owners.

Town of Lewisboro tax maps are available for viewing.

We in the Tax Office are always willing to help the public with any questions you may have. Call 914-763-3100.

All unpaid taxes become a lien May 1st of the following year. Interest on liens increases 1% per month.

If you have sold your house or you are a new property owner, please contact the Receiver's Office to note the change and have the tax bills forwarded to the correct owner.



Residents of the Town of Lewisboro may be eligible for a partial exemption from school property taxes on owner occupied primary residences (one, two, three family homes, condominiums, and co-op units), under the School Tax Relief (STAR) Program. The STAR Exemption, authorized by Section 425 of the Real Property Tax Law, offers two types of exemptions:

Enhanced STAR Exemption is for eligible senior citizens (age 65 or over) whose combined income is less than $73,000 per year. If your property will already be receiving the Senior Citizen Exemption authorized by Section 467 of the Real Property Tax Law, you do not need to apply for the STAR Exemption. Your property will automatically qualify and receive the exemption. Other seniors must apply for it and reapply each year, in order to keep the enhanced exemption in effect.

If the basic exemption is granted, you usually do not need to reapply in subsequent years. However, you must notify the Assessor if your primary residence changes.

How does one get the STAR Exemption?

You need to obtain and fill out a STAR application and file it with the Town Assessor by June 1st. The Town of Lewisboro's Assessor's Office is located at the Cross River Shopping Center at Orchard Square, 20 North Salem Road (Route 121), Cross River, NY 10518. The telephone number is (914) 763-3034.

What do you need to support the STAR Exemption application?

You need to provide the section, block and lot number of your property. If you are applying for the enhanced exemption you need proof of your date of birth: a copy of birth or baptismal certificate or a copy of your passport and a copy of your Federal Income Tax Return.

For any further questions please call the Assessor's Office at 763-3034.



Persons over sixty-five years of age (either spouse) where their primary residence is in the Town of Lewisboro and have a combined gross income (including Social Security) of and amount less than that indicated in the following schedule may be eligible for this exemption.

Applications and income documentation must be filed with the Assessor's office no later than June 1st of each year.

The Town of Lewisboro, County of Westchester and Katonah/Lewisboro School District have adopted the following income scale for calculation of Senior Citizen exemption provided for in Section 467 of the Real Property Town Law:

Town of Lewisboro Senior Citizen and Disability Exemption New Income Limits starting July 1, 2012 thru June 30, 2013

Less than $29,000.00 50%
29,000.01 - 29,999.99 45%
30,000.00 - 30,999.99 40%
31,000.00- 31,999.99 35%
32,000.00 - 32,899.99 30%
32,900.00 - 33,799.99 25%
33,800.00 - 34,699.99 20%
34,700.00- 35,599.99 15%
35,600.00 - 36,499.99 10%
36,500.00 - 37,399.99 5%

Inquiries regarding exemptions, assessments or related real property topics may be directed to the Assessor's Office at 763-3034.

Attorney for In Rem Foreclosures: Herodes & Mole, P.C.