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Town of Lewisboro Licenses and Permits

Alcoholic Beverage Permit | Bingo License | Cabaret License | Community Facilities |
Dog License | Handicapped Parking Permit | Hunting License | Marriage License |
Peddlers & Solicitors License | Refuse Licenses |Wild Animal Report | Video Game License


According to Town Code Section 78 adopted in 1977, consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places is prohibited. Exceptions are provided for gatherings sponsored by a local Fire Department, recognized civic organization or church organizations. Other organizations or individuals must obtain a permit from the Town Board to serve alcoholic beverages on Town property.

Applications are available at the Town Clerk's office and should be made well in advance of the event. There is no fee.



The operation of bingo games is governed by the State Racing and Wagering Board, and the Town Bingo Law, adopted in 1960. Application forms are available at the Town Clerk's office. A bingo license is valid for one year. The application fee is $18.75 per game, and an additional 3% of the proceeds must be paid to the Town after the event has taken place.



In 1990 the Town Board adopted a Cabaret law requiring the licensing of any business enterprise or establishment which provides or permits any musical entertainment in connection with the service of food or beverages for gain or profit. The license fee is $150.00 and the license is valid for one year. A business which obtains a cabaret license may not permit any musical entertainment between midnight and noon the following day. The Town Board reserves the right to impose any additional requirements.

Fill out and submit the Cabaret License as required.



Town residents are eligible to use the following properties for private parties.

The Cyrus Russell Community House
779 Route 35
Cross River, NY 10518

This charming former schoolhouse holds a maximum of 49 people. It is equipped with tables and chairs, handicapped restroom, refrigerator, sink and stove. Rental fee is $150.00, plus a refundable $100.00 security deposit. It is ideal for small birthday parties, showers, etc. Apply through the Town Clerk's office, 763-3511. In order to rent the Cyrus Russell Community House, residents must fill out both the application and the deposit claim form and mail to the Town Clerk's office. The rules and regulations for use are also available for your convenience. Residents can also request the forms in person at the Town Clerk's office or by email.

Onatru Reservation
(opposite Onatru Farmhouse)
99 Elmwood Road
South Salem, NY 10590

Onatru Reservation was donated by Alice Lane Poor to be used in its natural state as a wildlife and conservation area. Permission for camping by local scout groups will be granted upon application to the Town Clerk.The rules and regulations for use at Onatru Reservation are available. There is also a Onatru Reservation Post-Use Report required to be filed with the Town Clerk after use.

Town Park
Route 35
South Salem, NY 10590

Town Park facilities may be reserved through the Parks and Recreation Department, 65 Old Bedford Road, Goldens Bridge, New York 232-6162. The Town Park contains a picnic pavilion suitable for parties of up to 100. Facilities include a delightful playground, a swimming pool, wading pool, bathhouse, refreshment stand, tennis courts, ballfields, hiking trail, and sand volleyball and basketball courts. There is also a bandstand for summer concerts. In winter the pond is available for ice skating when the green flag is flying.



Dog Licensing Regulations:

State and local laws require that all dogs over four months of age be licensed. Proof of rabies vaccination and spaying or neutering is also required. License fees are as follows:

Male neutered/ female spayed:  $10.00

Male, unneutered/female unspayed:
under 4 months $15.00

Male, unneutered/female unspayed:
over 4 months $18.00

Late fee on licenses more than 30 days past due is $5 per month.

Civil penalty for unlicensed dog is $25.00

All license fees include a State surcharge which funds the spaying and neutering of dogs adopted from animal shelters.  The surcharge for spayed/neutered dogs is $1.00 and for unspayed or unneutered dogs it’s $3.00.

There is no fee for guide dogs, war dogs, police dogs, work dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs with proof of certification.

Questions call the Town Clerk at 763-3511.

The Town's Zoning Ordinance restricts the number of dogs and cats per residence to 5 over four months of age.

Click for the Dog License form.
Dog License Application:

You may fill in the data, print and mail the completed form
or print and manually fill in the form.

Please include:
Mail or bring all to:
1-Completed dog license form
2-Rabies certificate
3-Check made payable to:
Town of Lewisboro
Town Clerk
Town of Lewisboro
P.O.Box 500/11 Main Street South Salem, NY 10590
Call 763-3511



Handicapped parking permits are available through the Town Clerk's Office for residents only. To obtain a permit residents must complete the Handicapped Parking Application and submit it along with a note from your doctor, stating the nature of the handicap and the need for either a temporary or permanent permit. A permanent permit is valid for five years while a temporary permit is valid for six months. Both of these permits can be renewed with an updated doctor's note.

Please note: one must fill in driver's license number and the type and license plate numbers of all cars to be used with the handicapped parking permit.

The Handicap Parking Permit Application for the Town of Lewisboro and the Accompanying Doctor's Note and DMV Instructions are available either on line, at the Town Clerk's Office or by email request.



The Town Clerk's office issues New York State Sporting licenses for big and small game hunting, trapping, and fishing. Licenses run from October 1st to September 30th of the following year. All sportsmen/women must present proof of identity and address (usually a driver's license. For hunting/bowhunting licenses proof of a prior license or a hunter/bowhunting training certificate is also required.) Currently the Town Clerk's Office is processing Deer Management Permits. Hunters must know their preference for the Wildlife Management Unit in order to process the Deer Management Permits.

License fees are as follows:

Resident of New York State:

Non Resident:

$5 Senior citizen - over 70 (or military disability)
$ 15
One-day fishing
$29 Fishing season $ 70 Fishing season
$15 Seven Day Fishing $ 35 Fishing 7-day
$26 Hunting (small game) $ 85 Hunting (small game)
$29 Small & Big Game $140 Big game (deer only)
$21 Trapping $ 50 Bear tag (big game/bow/muzzle/or combination license required)
$21 Bowhunting (big game license required) $140 Bowhunting
$21 Muzzleloading (big game license required) $140 Muzzleloading
$10 Turkey permit $ 50 Turkey permit
$47 Sportsman (big game, small game & fishing)    

Super Sportsman (hunting/ fishing /big game/bowhunting/ muzzleloading & turkey)

$280 Super Sportsman (hunting/ fishing/big game/bowhunting/ muzzleloading & turkey)
$96 Conservation Legacy (small & big game/fishing/bowhunting/ muzzleloading/turkey/habitat stamp & Conservationist Magazine) $310 Trapping
$ 6 Junior Trapping (under 16 years of age)

Resident Lifetime licenses are presently being issued at the Town Clerk's Office.

Sportman: child under 4 years old
Sportman: child 5-11 years old
Sportman: child 12-15 years old
Sportman: 16-64 years old
Sportman: 70 years old and older (senior)
Small and Big Game
Fishing: up to 69 years old
Fishing Lifetime Senior
Bowhunting all ages
Muzzzle-loading all ages
Trapping all ages
Combo Fishing & Recreational Marine Fishing

A Lifetime Sporting License is available to anyone who has been a New York resident for a least one year, or to a parent as a gift for a child. Call 518-457-3521. To renew a sporting license by mail use Visa or MasterCard and call 518-457-8862.



A marriage license is required for any person intending to be married in the State of New York. The license may be obtained anywhere in the State. There is a 24-hour waiting period before the license takes effect ; the marriage license is valid for 60 days. To obtain a marriage license in Lewisboro, the couple must make an appointment with the Town Clerk's office at 914-763-3511. For residents we are happy to make an after-hours appointment. The license procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Marriage license applicants must bring the following documents:

  1. certified copy of their birth certificate stating their mother's maiden name and their father's name
  2. a picture government identity - a driver's license or a passport
  3. if this is not the first marriage for each:
    we require a certified copy of each judgment of divorce. The raised seal of the court must appear on the last page along with the original signature of the Judge or Court Clerk.


Call the Town Clerk's Office if you have any questions regarding the required documents for the marriage license. The license fee is $40.00. After the ceremony the officiant will return the marriage license to us and we will issue a marriage certificate. Marriage license records are forwarded to the New York State Department of Health.

See "Getting Married in New York State."

Marriage ceremonies can be performed in the Town of Lewisboro by:

Town Justice Marc A. Seedorf, 763-5417
Town Justice Susan Simon, 763-8831
Town Marriage Officer Janet Donohue, 763-3511
Former Town Justice George Roberts, 232-5161

For a copy of the New York State brochure containing further information call the Town Clerk's office at 763-3511 or e-mail


PEDDLERS & Solictors License:

It shall be unlawful for any person or company to peddle or solicit within the Town of Lewisboro without having first obtained a valid license as provided in Article 170 of the Town Code of Lewisboro. Applications are available online and at the Town Office.


The Town's Residential and Commercial Refuse Licensing laws require that anyone collecting such refuse and recyclables in Town first obtain a license. The law also contains pre-collection requirements to be met by customers. Licenses are valid for a period of one year and vary according to the size of the truck. Commercial refuse carters may charge no more than the rate set by the Town Board each year. Residential rates are set by the individual carters, but may not be raised without 60 days prior notification to the Town.

The residential carters licensed in Lewisboro are:

Bria Carting Corporation, PO Box 397, Somers, NY 10589

Once a week curbside: $38.00/month
Once a week driveway: $49.00/month

Call for information regarding bringing a large bulk drop off to the transfer station.

Mayfield Carting Service, 131 Plainfield Avenue, Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Once a week curbside: $45.00/month
Once a week driveway: $55.00/month

County Waste Management, P.O. Box 548, Harrison, NY 10529
592-5007 or 800-776-8537

Once a week curbside: $40.00-45.00/month
Once a week driveway: $45.00-56.00/month



Video games in amusement centers are regulated under Town Code Section 80. The maximum number of games per amusement center is two. The fee for a license is $25.00 per game. Amusement centers may not operate before 11:00 a.m. or after 11:00 p.m. on any day preceding a school day. No person under the age of 12 shall be permitted to operate a game unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.



The Town Clerk's office is now required by State law to collect information regarding the locations in Town where wild animals are being harbored. Information required includes the name, address, and emergency contact numbers of every person or business where wild animals are harbored. The information must be reported annually, no later than April 1 of each year. The information collected will be forwarded to the Town's emergency services personnel.

The New York Department of State, in consultation with the State Department of Environmental Conservation has developed a list of common names of wild animals to be reported.

Anyone in Lewisboro harboring a wild animal as classified by the State is required to fill out the form, or contact my office at 763-3511 or email to