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Video Camera
Any independent or syndicated group or company desiring to film in the Town of Lewisboro, or any individual doing so for commercial purposes, must apply for a permit from the Town Supervisor of the Town of Lewisboro at least ten business days prior to the commencement of filming. Where appropriate, as determined by the Supervisor, the approval of the permit shall be conditioned upon the applicant paying a fee and providing a certificate of insurance in amounts to be determined by the Supervisor. Suggested fees will be $500 for filming on private property, and $750 for use of public property.

Application for filming can be obtained at the Office of the Town Clerk, Town House, 11 Main Street, (P.O. Box 500), South Salem, New York. Said application will be forwarded to the Supervisor for action. Decisions made by the Supervisor regarding approvals, fees and/or bonds, may be appealed to the Town Board. Such appeal will be placed on the Board's agenda for its next regular meeting.

Adopted: June 5, 2001
Amended June 19, 2001