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Walking Wild Lewisboro


Lewisboro Conservation Advisory Council

The trail guide is dedicated to those farsighted individuals who have loved their land enough to wish it preserved in its natural state in order that the rest of us and future generations might enjoy it to. They are:

George A. and Katherine D. Brownell
Merwin F. and Helen F. Dickens
Wilson P. Foss Milton 0. Gossett
Mary Knapp Dorothea H. Momsen
Alice Lane Poor Adam Rose
and others who prefer to remain anonymous

Most of us choose to live in Lewisboro because of its open space character. This results largely from the privately held tracts of land that are now undeveloped. As taxes rise and people sell their acreage to developers, the amount of natural open space in the town shrinks all too rapidly.

Soon many of these acres where we enjoy the sight of trees, flowers and ponds will be developed. Only those lands that have been purposefully preserved by donation to the town or a land conservancy will remain open.

"Walking Wild Lewisboro" was originally published in 1974 by the Lewisboro Conservation Advisory Council. This updated and revised publication reflects the results of not only the generosity of additional land donations but the efforts of the Lewisboro Planning Board, the Lewisboro Conservation Advisory Council, and the Lewisboro Land Trust in encouraging developers to protect some large parcels of land as part of their development. This is reflected in two additional town parks and three new preserves or trail easements.

While the Town does have some additional protected lands and trail easements, we have limited this collection to those where there is ready access and marked trails.

A final plea to those who will use this brochure as a guide to rambles through Lewisboro's beautiful landscapes: Leave nothing behind you except footprints, and obey the regulations pertaining to uses permitted in the individual preserves. Your respect for the land and consideration for the people who follow you on the trails may encourage other landowners to donate their acreage to open space preservation or to permit the establishment of hiking trails.

Re: Walking Wild Lewisboro

This trail guide, based on a similar one originally published in 1974, was prepared and published with the assistance of the following individuals and organizations:

  • The new and updated maps were prepared by Will Roth as his Eagle Scout Project, and other members of Lewisboro Boy Scout Troop 1.
  • Funding for printing was contributed by the Rural New York Grant Program through the Open Space Institute to the Waccabuc Landowners Council. Further assistance was provided by the Lewisboro Land Trust, a chapter of the Westchester Land Trust, Susan Henry, chairperson.
  • The overall project was sponsored and coordinated by the Lewisboro Conservation Advisory Council, with special thanks to Mark Patek, Trails coordinator.
  • The world wide web maps and links were prepared by Howard Funk.