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South Salem Library
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P.O. Box 500
11 Main Street
South Salem, NY

Tel: 914-763-3511
Fax: 914-763-3678

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NYSEG Urges Residents to Dig Safely!

NYSEG and RG&E Urge Contractors and Customers to
Call 811 Before Beginning any Excavation Work
NYSEG Press Release


We Are Going Green:

Protecting and preserving our environment….


We’ve long been mindful of the need to protect and preserve the natural beauty and resources of our Town.  We can thank Town leaders in the early 20th century for enacting our first zoning regulations and land use policies.  


Our current Town Board is continuing that effort by updating our Town regulations and policies as needed.  Other efforts to preserve our environment are led by our Conservation Advisory Council, Lakes Committee, Open Space Committee, Stormwater Management Committee & Sustainability Committee.


Other ways we are preserving our environment include:

  1. A pesticide-free policy for maintenance of Town property 
  2. Stormwater runoff management
  3. Purchase of the Town’s first hybrid vehicle 
  4. An award-winning recycling program which now includes cell phones, e-waste, even eyeglasses (through the Lewisboro Lions Club.)
  5. New highway maintenance policies designed to minimize the use of salt on our roads 
  6. Use of energy-efficient light bulbs
  7. Water quality improvement grants obtained for lake areas
  8. Recycling materials generated by municipal departments—
      office paper
      paving material
      brush and wood recycled to mulch and distributed to residents.

Although all of our Town offices are in buildings built at least 100 years ago, we are now learning that older buildings can be “greener” than we thought.     Older buildings are now said to have “embodied energy”, which means they are a storehouse of the energy required to manufacture the building materials; thus the “greenest” building is one that’s already been constructed.

You can find more ideas for saving energy and preserving our environment at the county’s website.

NYSEG Press Release Re: Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Program

Recycling Tip: So, what should I do with all the loose Styrofoam peanuts I get with my packages?

Census 2010 - Learn more online at

NYSEG outage information is now just a click away. While it may seem odd to think about having Web access when the power is out, more & more NYSEG customers are using wireless technology or may be reporting an outage at home from work or another location where the power is on. You can click on the "Outage Central" at the top of the NYSEG webpage.

Here is some helpful information regarding trees and power lines. NYSEG also put together a brochure that helps explain tree and vegetation management, which helps to ensure reliable electricity service.

NYSEG Press Release - Storm Preparation

Customers may choose their electric and natural gas supplier. See NYSEG's press release.

Beekeepers need to register their bee hives with the State of New York.

ALOFT Members receive discounts


While conflicts between people and coyotes in Westchester are usually rare, due to the recent coyote attacks in Rye, Westchester County Department of Health would like you to know steps you can take to reduce your chances of having an encounter. Visit the Health Department’s website at for helpful tips and information.

Coyote Information Fact Sheet


Several black bears have been sighted in Pound Ridge Reservation and on several roads in Lewisboro.

Our local Conservation Officer Scott Atwood and Wendy Rosenbach, Director of Public Affairs at the New York State Department of Conservation know the bears are in our Town. Black bears are a confirmation of a healthy wildlife environment. Bears can smell food up to one mile away and look for an easy free meal.  This is part of their normal behavior.

Residents need to remove all easy food sources. These include:

  • Bird feeders – all bird feeders should be stored after March.  Birds at this time of the year do not need our assistance for food.
  • Keep grills clean
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Remove outside garbage.

If a bear is on your property make lots of loud noise, holler, yell, bang pots. The bear should move on.

If you need further information check out the Living with Bears brochure at


Have you ever made a phone call and been frustrated by the prompts that you have to follow to get to a real person? This is "How To Get Through".


Town Clerk's Office
Certified Cell Phone Acceptance Center

Westchester County March 1, 2006 legislation mandated all cell phones be recycled rather than disposed in the trash. Westchester County Commissioner of Environmental Facilities has designated the Town Clerk's Office as the acceptance center for cell phones.

The Town participates in the County's HopeLine Cell Phone Recycling Program. Recycled cell phones are collected and distributed to people at risk.

Don’t throw that old cell phone in the trash – it’s against the law in Westchester County. Cell phones contain harmful materials that are dangerous to the environment and should be kept out of the waste stream. Donate your old cell phone for a good cause and help domestic violence victims by dropping it off at the Town Clerk's Office, 11 Main Street, South Salem (next to the South Salem Library).

You may drop off the cell phones at the Town Clerk's Office Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Questions: call 763-3511 or email: Town Clerk

Donate Life - Pass It On

Be an organ and tissue donor. Enroll in the New York State Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. Get more information and to register online


Department of Health News

Summer months bring New Yorkers in closer contact with wildlife and, potentially rabies. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of human rabies treatments following bat exposures. Many of these treatments could have been avoided had the bat been captured and tested negative for rabies.

A new 80-second video on the proper technique for safely capturing a bat found in one's home is available on the State Health Department webiste at . More information about rabies is also available at

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency.

Add an entry to your cell phone contacts under ICE with the name & phone # of the person to contact in case of emergency. For further information, go to

Free training in emergency preparedness and response:

Come on out to receive free training in emergency preparedness and response,where you'll learn how to take care of yourself and your family before and during an emergency.Then join the growing team of volunteers who can assist the County should a large-scale disaster or public health emergency occur in Westchester. For training sessions for the Westchester Emergency Volunteer Reserves-Medical Reserve Corps (WEVR-MRC) visit

No special skills required - you'll receive all the free training you'll need (6 hours in class and 10 hours on-line). The WEVR-MRC program is coordinated by Westchester County's Department of Emergency Services and The Volunteer Center of United Way. For more information or to apply to join WEVR-MRC, visit or or call The Volunteer Center at (866) VOL-CALL.

Volunteers are needed for the Emergency Preparedness Task Force

WEVR-MRC volunteers become a member of a team that may be called upon to provide assistance should a large-scale disaster or public health emergency occur in Westchester County. No special skills are required - you'll receive all the free training you'll need (6 hours in class and 10 hours on line). The WEVR-MRC program is coordinated by Westchester County's Department of Emergency Services and The Volunteer Center of United Way.For more information or to register, go to or call (866) VOL-CALL.

The Wolf Conservation Center is right in our backyard?

New York State’s latest property tax rebate program, Middle Class Star: