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Pump Out Your Septic System

Pump out your septic system!

It’s a good idea to maintain your septic system regularly and now it’s also the law.

To protect the quality of the area’s drinking water, Westchester County and Lewisboro instituted a septic inspection requirement in 2011 that requires that each septic system be pumped at least once during every 5 year period. Enforcement will start in May 2016. 

Failure to pump between May 2011 and May 2016 may result in significant fines - starting at $200 and multiplying rapidly!

Conservation Advisory Council Conservation Advisory Council

The Town of Lewisboro's Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) was established in 1970, in accordance with New York State's General Municipal Law, to advise in the development, management and protection of the Town's natural resources. Activities sanctioned by the law included preparing open space and natural resource inventories and maps, advising Planning, Zoning and Town Boards on natural resource issues and publishing informational and educational literature.