Documents, Reports, and Presentations

Title Attachments
180 Day ADA Progress Report
2004 Stormwater Report
2006 Stormwater Report
2006 Town of Lewisboro Budget
2007 Stormwater Presentation
2007 Town of Lewisboro Budget
2008 Stormwater Presentation
2008 Town of Lewisboro Final Budget
2009 Stormwater Committee Meeting Dates
2009 Town of Lewisboro Debt Schedule
2009 Town of Lewisboro Final Budget
2010 Preliminary Budget
2011 Town of Lewisboro Budget
2012 Adopted Budget
2012 Antenna Advisory Board Status & Outlook Report
2013 Town of Lewisboro Adopted Budget
2013 Tree Bid Results
2014 Town of Lewisboro Adopted Budget
2014 Town of Lewisboro Preliminary Budget
2016 Adopted Budget
2016 Fee Schedule
2016 Preliminary Budget
2017 Adopted Budget
2017 Meeting Dates - Submission Dates
50 Ways to Love Your Lake!
A History of Lewisboro Elementary School
AAB Status Report 2016
Annual Independent Auditor's Reports
Benefits of Licensing Your Dog
Cable Television Access Rules
Cable Television Access Rules
Cable Television Policies & Procedures
CAC Annual Report 2012
Climate Smart Resolution
Code Ordinance
Complete Streets
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
Cornell Roads Intern Report
Dirt and Gravel Road Report 2/26/2009
Dog Control Ordinance
Eastern Westchester Biotic Corridor Report
Election Workers Needed
EMC Mission Statement
Five Year Stormwater Management Implementation Plan
Food Truck Friday
Freedom of Information Laws
Freedom of Information/Records Access/Open Meetings Law