Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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Lewisboro Bike Pedestrian Master Plan
Lewisboro Trips
Lewisboro's Greenway Inventory
Lewisboro's Greenway Inventory
Linking Land Use to Water Quality - February 2008
Master Plan
Mead Street Stormwater Retrofit Bid
Memorial's Draft
Mosquito Breeding Grounds
Mowing Quote Results
MS4 Annual Report 2014
Municipal Volunteers
Notice Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Parks and Rec. Spring 2015 Brochure
Sample Election Ballot
Senior Adult Outreach Services
Senior Adults Newsletters
Sewer District Regulations- Oakridge and Wild Oaks residents only
SPCA of Westchester
Standard & Poor's Credit Rating for the Town of Lewisboro - March, 2010
Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution 2013
Stormwater Annual Report 2009
Stormwater Annual Report 2010
Stormwater Annual Report 2011
Stormwater Annual Report 2012
Stormwater Management Committee - Established September 4, 2007
Stormwater Training Power Point 3/5/2009
Town Historian Report
Tree Quote 2015-2016
Vista Fire Department Spaghetti Dinner
Water District - Oakridge residents only
Water District Regulations
Water Quality Report for Keeler 2013
Water Quality Report for Oakridge 2012
Wee Ski Bus Lists
Wetlands Activity Permit Information