Highway Home

Key Topics

Snow/Ice Notice


NO Parking on Town Roads including dead ends/cul-de sac’s

Remove all trash cans and basketball units from the road

Make sure personal/private plows do not push snow into/across the road


Debris Pick-up

The town does not pick up residents lawn/garden debri and it should not be dumped on the side of the road or on any town property (i.e. the woods).  We do not have wood chips/mulch.


The Highway Department
  • Maintains all Town of Lewisboro owned roads.
  • Trims trees and removes brush within Town right-of-way.
  • Does drainage work.
  • Removes dead trees within Town right-of-way.
  • Plows & sands Town owned roads.
  • Mows, sweeps and cleans Town roadsides.
  • Cleans and replaces catch basins.
  • Replacement and maintenance of all road signs.
  • Issues driveway permits and subsequent approvals of completed driveways according to Town specifications.