Gossett Trail

Gossett Trail

The Gossett Trail was build as an Eagle Scout project by Thomas Cloherty on a property easement donated by Milton Gossett. There are two parts to the trail. The red trail runs from the end of Bisbee Road where it intersects the white trail. The white trail runs from the intersection of Ridgefield Avenue and Cross Pond Road, to the end of Laurie Lane. To access the trail, park on Cross Pond Road, cross Ridgefield Avenue to the stop sign on your right. Access the trail by walking between the stop sign and the mailbox "170" along the right side of the wooded area, close to the driveway. Look for white markers and you'll see that the trail crosses to the chain link fence and follow it around the Gossett property and then into wooded areas. The trail crosses wetlands and can be wet, especially for the first 100 yards. To continue on to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation follow Laurie Lane to Boutonville Road, turn left until reaching Route 124. Turn right for a short distance on Route 124 to the (back) entrance to the Reservation 0.5 miles.


Moderate, some difficult walking conditions i.e. rocks, wet areas, uneven ground.


Property is located on Ridgefield Avenue across from Cross Pond Road.