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September School Tax Collection

The school tax collection begins in September.  Once the tax bills are prepared, they will be mailed out at the end of this month.  Remember the bill can be paid in full by September 30, or in the alternative you may pay in two installments with the first being due by September 30, 2014, and the second due by January 31, 2015.

Important Information for Property Owners
  • New York State Law states whether you receive a bill or not, you are ultimately responsible for payment including penalties. Once a bill is in the penalty stage, payment cannot be accepted without the penalty. All unpaid taxes become a lien by May 1st of the following year.
  • In the Tax Office you will find the Town of Lewisboro Assessment Roll as well as the Tax Roll.
  • The Tax Office maintains listings of all property owners.
  • Town of Lewisboro tax maps are available for viewing.
School Tax Relief / Star Program

Residents of the Town of Lewisboro may be eligible for a partial exemption from school property taxes on owner occupied primary residences (one, two, three family homes, condominiums, and co-op units), under the School Tax Relief (STAR) Program. The STAR Exemption, authorized by Section 425 of the Real Property Tax Law, offers two types of exemptions:

Senior Citizens Exemption

Persons over sixty-five years of age (either spouse) where their primary residence is in the Town of Lewisboro and have a combined gross income (including Social Security) of and amount less than that indicated in the following schedule may be eligible for this exemption.

Applications and income documentation must be filed with the Assessor's office no later than June 1st of each year.