There are 14 cemeteries in Town, some in churchyards, some privately owned, and some owned by the Town. Only three of the cemeteries are currently active, Beck's Hill in Vista, South Salem Cemetery, and the Reynolds Cemetery in Cross River.

Those eligible to purchase gravesites are residents and former residents, current and former employees, a relative or representative for the interment of a student who attended school within the Town within the previous 12-month period, or a member of a religious organization meeting regularly in Town. Cemetery rules regulate the size of monuments (permit required), type and location of plantings, etc. See cemetery regulations below.

Gravesites are $1,200 per grave.
Cremation plots in the Meditation Garden in the South Salem cemetery shall measure 36" x 36" and will be sold at the regular cremation plot price of $200.00.

The price includes perpetual care and no additional payment is required.

One grave may be used for one full burial, or one full burial and several cremation interments. There is a $1,000 charge for grave opening, closing and seeding. All burials must take place in concrete vaults or liners. There is a $300 charge for a cremation opening. The family may open/close cremation interments if they wish. Opening fees are usually paid through the funeral home.  A weekend surcharge of $250.00 will be added to all weekend burials.

It is recommended that installation of a monument be delayed until the ground has fully settled which the town recommends one year from burial.  The Town will install the monument foundation. There is a monument permit fee required which is $100 and a foundation charge based on the size: $300 for small, $450 for medium and $550 for large. A monument can be up to 42" high.

The South Salem Cemetery includes an area where cremation plots are available.

Anyone interested in purchasing a gravesite may call the Town Clerk at (914) 763-3511.