Marriage Licenses

A marriage license is required for any person intending to be married in the State of New York. The license may be obtained anywhere in the State. There is a 24-hour waiting period before the license takes effect ; the marriage license is valid for 60 days. To obtain a marriage license in Lewisboro, the couple must make an appointment with the Town Clerk's office at 914-763-3511.  The license procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Marriage license applicants must bring the following documents:

  • certified copy of their birth certificate stating their mother's maiden name and their father's name
  • a picture government identity - a driver's license or a passport
  • if this is not the first marriage for each:
  • we require a certified copy of each judgment of divorce. The raised seal of the court must appear on the last page along with the original signature of the Judge or Court Clerk.


Call the Town Clerk's Office if you have any questions regarding the required documents for the marriage license. The license fee is $40.00. After the ceremony the officiant will return the marriage license to us and we will issue a marriage certificate. Marriage license records are forwarded to the New York State Department of Health.

See "Getting Married in New York State."

Marriage ceremonies can be performed in the Town of Lewisboro by:

Town Justice Marc A. Seedorf, 763-5417
Town Justice Susan Simon, 763-8831
Town Marriage Officer Janet Donohue, 763-3511

For a copy of the New York State brochure containing further information call the Town Clerk's office at 763-3511 or e-mail