Records Access


Freedom of Information/Records Access/Open Meetings Law

Under the Freedom of Information Law enacted in 1978, you have a right to be informed of the operation of your local government. With some exceptions noted below, all meetings of the Town boards and committees are open to the public. Minutes of all meetings are kept and you are welcome to copies. Synopses of Town Board meetings may be accessed from this site.

Decisions made by the Town Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Architecture and Community Appearance Review Council are made by formal resolution, and are included in the minutes of their meetings.

The Open Meetings Law (also called the "sunshine" law) went into effect in 1977. This law gives you the right to hear the deliberations and decisions of public bodies. A "meeting " is defined as "the official convening of a public body for the purpose of conducting public business." The law also provides for closed or "executive" sessions when the Board must discuss matters which will imperil the public safety if disclosed, would disclose the identity of a law enforcement agency or informer, to discuss information relating to current or future investigations, discussions regarding proposed, pending or current litigation, collective negotiations, the employment history of a particular person, preparation, grading or administration and the proposed acquisition or sale or lease of real property.

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) provides for nine exceptions to the right of access. We cannot disclose records that:

  1. are specifically exempted from disclosure by state or federal statute
  2. would if disclosed result in an unwarranted invasion of privacy
  3. are trade secrets or are submitted to an agency by a commercial enterprise
  4. are compiled for law enforcement purposes and which would if disclosed interfere with investigations or judicial proceedings, deprive a person of a right to fair trial, identify a confidential source relative to a criminal investigation or reveal investigative techniques
  5. would endanger the life or safety of anyone
  6. are inter-agency or intra-agency communications except to the extent that such information is statistical or factual data, instructions to staff affecting the public, final agency policy or external audits
  7. are examination questions or answers
  8. are computer access codes.

The Town Clerk is the Town's Records Access Officer. If you wish access to a particular record, you may complete the Freedom of Information Request Form (PDF) and send it to:

    Town Clerk
    Town of Lewisboro
    PO BOX 500
    South Salem, NY 10590

or bring it into the Town Clerk's office at the Town House, 11 Main Street, South Salem, NY.

Your request for a record must reasonably describe the record and include information which would facilitate identifying and locating the record. Within five business days of receipt of your request we must either make the records available, deny access in writing giving reasons for the denial, or furnish a written acknowledgment of the request and tell you when the record will be available. There is a charge of 25 cents per page for a copy up to 9x14 inches. Larger copies are charged at the actual cost of production.

If your request is denied, you may appeal the Town Board within 30 days of the denial. Upon receipt of an appeal the Town Board must render a decision within 10 business days.