Sustainability Advisory Committee


The Town Board created the Sustainability Advisory Committee in 2010 to assist in areas such as energy conservation, renewable energy, alternatives to automobile transportation, green building technology, waste and material management, local food and related “green jobs”.



 The Committee's role is to:

  • Assist the Town Board to follow up on energy and sustainability projects;
  • Identify and suggest to the Town Board energy and other sustainability measures of benefit to either municipal operations or the town at large;
  • Collect and interpret relevant information to support Town Board decision making processes;
  • Provide advice to Town Departments and Committees regarding aspects of sustainability which may be relevant to Department or Committee operations and/or scopes of responsibility;
  • Assist the Town Board with community outreach in support of active programs and general sustainability issues;
  • Strive to achieve cost effectiveness and “financial sustainability” with all measures.

Member terms should be staggered so that no more than four expire in a given year. In addition, with the approval of the Town Board, the Committee may solicit the assistance of local experts and other individuals on a “task force” basis for specific projects. The committee shall provide to the Town Board regular correspondence as is necessary to ensure that their activity is consistent with Town Board directives, and also, at minimum, a quarterly summary of progress on active issues.