Building Department Functions

Building Department functions:

  • Maintains records for all buildings built in Town since 1936, including building permit and certificates of occupancy, inspection records, building plans, surveys, electrical certificates, septic system and notices of violations
  • Assists property owners with questions regarding use of their property.
  • Receives building permit applications, and reviews for building code and zoning compliance.
  • Issues building permits and certificates of occupancy, and inspects work in progress.
  • Answers questions regarding Town zoning laws (i.e. number of horses permitted, fencing requirements, setbacks regulations, etc.)
  • Performs Fire Safety Inspections of multiple dwelling and all nonresidential occupancies.
  • Reviews complaints, makes inspections, and takes appropriate action, including issuance of appearance tickets, for violations.
  • Makes records available to other Town departments, such as Town Board, Assessor, Highway Department, Planning Board, Architecture and Community Appearance Review Council, and Zoning Board, and coordinates site walks when needed.
  • The Building Department also advises the Town Board on needed amendments to Town ordinances.