Shredder Truck at Town Park - 4/18

Shred truck

Please remove all metal clips, fasteners, binders, folders and hard covers and place the papers loosely in a box. Hard covers – cardboard or plastic covers on items such as ledger books, marble composition books and hard-cover books – cannot be shredded and will be turned away. Residents must rip pages out from hard cover books for shredding and throw the covers in their regular household recycling. Up to four large (cubic foot) boxes of papers are allowed for shredding. 

All residents attending shredder events must follow these safety guidelines to protect themselves and staff: 

  • Residents must remain in their vehicles at all times. 
  • Documents should be boxed and placed in the trunk of resident’s vehicle, if possible, or in the back seat of the resident’s vehicle. 
  • Staff will remove the boxes directly from the resident’s vehicle and place them in the shredder mechanism. 
  • Vehicles will be queued at a safe distance from staff and only one vehicle will be serviced at a time. 
  • Please be mindful to observe all posted signage and directions from the staff. 

If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk’s Office at 763-3511.