Directory Listings

Contact Position Phone Email
Lise Robertson Assessor 914-763-3034
Contact Position Phone Email
Paul Bauer Deputy Building Inspector/Fire Inspector (914) 763-3060
Peter C. Barrett Building Inspector/Fire Inspector (914) 763-3060
Contact Position Phone Email
Leo Masterson Comptroller 914-763-8383
Contact Position Phone Email
Cheryl Blamires Secretary 914-763-3166
Dan Ray Foreman 914-763-3166
Duane Faryniarz Motor Equipment Operator
Gerald Soderlund Motor Equipment Operator
Joe Posadas Deputy Highway Superintendent 914-763-3166
John Ray Motor Equipment Operator
Mark Sena Mechanic
Mike Lombardi Motor Equipment Operator
Peter Ripperger Highway Superintendent 914-763-3166
Robert Wakeman Motor Equipment Operator
Stuart Scott Motor Equipment Operator
William Von Helms Motor Equipment Operator
Justice Court
Contact Position Phone Email
Marc Seedorf Honorable Judge
Robin Harris Court Clerk (914) 763-5417
Samantha Incledon Court Clerk (914) 763-5417
Sue Simon Honorable Judge
Contact Position Phone Email
Chris Curran Employee
Joel Smith Facilities Maintenance Manager 914-533-2650
Kevin Finney Employee
Parks and Recreation
Contact Position Phone Email
Dana Mayclim Superintendent of Parks & Recreation
Laura Stone Senior Office Assistant
Laurie Wiegand Senior Adult Bus Driver
Nicole Stone Recreation Assistant NSTONE@LEWISBOROGOV.COM
Pam Veith Senior Adult Director PVEITH@LEWISBOROGOV.COM
Randy Price Parks Foreman
Reed Pullem Camp Operator & Recreation Assistant (914) 232-6162 RPullem@LEWISBOROGOV.COM
Planning Board
Contact Position Phone Email
Ciorsdan Conran Secretary (914) 763-5592
Contact Position Phone Email
Charlie Beckett Chief of Police
Receiver of Taxes
Contact Position Phone Email
Deirdre Casper Receiver of Taxes 914-763-3100
Diane Crocker Deputy Receiver of Taxes 914-763-3100
Town Clerk
Contact Position Phone Email
Janet Donohue Town Clerk 914-763-3511
Jennifer Caviola Deputy Town Clerk & Webmaster 914-763-3511