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Sustainability Committee Sustainability Committee - Created in 2010

The Town of Lewisboro has been exploring and is interested in promoting various initiatives which relate to energy and sustainability, such as energy conservation, renewable energy, alternatives to automobile transportation, green building technology, waste and material management, local food and related “green jobs”.

The Town Board has authorized the creation of a Sustainability Advisory Committee to assist with this work. The Committee shall consist of nine members, each serving for two year terms. Its role is to:

Sustainability Committee Members

Currently active initiatives include collaborations with other area towns in the Northern Westchester Energy Action Coalition for the purpose of more effectively pursuing state and federal grants and leveraging the collective weight of the municipalities, exploration of recycling and waste options, and projects for the town’s own facilities. The committee may also look for ways to coordinate with the Katonah-Lewisboro school district “Sustainability and Wellness” committee.


Robert Karpel