Lewisboro Town Park

Town Park Trail Map

Lewisboro Town Park consists of 60 acres owned by the Town of Lewisboro. A variety of recreational facilities are available to town residents. These include a swimming pool, toddler pools, baseball field, volley ball and basketball courts, picnic pavilion, concert stage and two age-appropriate play areas. A pond provides ice skating, conditions permitting.
There are walking trail loops within the park and access to the trails at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Watch for a trail on the left when climbing up the cleared hillside. It will take you to a trail in the reservation. Note where you are so you can find this access again and then by turning right onto this trail and then taking all lefts you should return you to your access point, making an approximately 2 mile loop. It is a good idea to purchase a map of the reservation at the Trailside Nature Museum and use a compass before exploring the reservation.


Moderate to steep


The Town Park is located on the south side of Route 35 between Mead Street and Bouton Road in South Salem.