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January 27, 2015 Planning Board Meeting postponed to February 17, 2015

Reminder:  The January 27, 2015 Planning Board meeting has been postponed to February 17, 2015 and the February 24, 2015 Planning Board meeting has been changed to February 17, 2015.

Primary Functions of the Planning Board
  • Review and approve applications, including violations actions where civil penalties (fines) may be imposed relating to activities within or impacting wetlands, ponds, lakes, watercourses, and the surrounding lands within 150 feet of such areas.
  • Review, upon referral, and provide recommendations to the Town Board and Zoning Board of Appeals on actions before those Boards, i.e. zoning changes and use variances.
Special Counsel and Consultants

Wetlands Inspector is available on Thursday from noon until 4:30 p.m. for consultation. Please call 763-3060 or 763-5592 for an appointment.

Judson Siebert, Esq. is Special Counsel to the Planning Board
Greg Monteleone is Special Counsel for Planning, Zoning and Building matters
Kellard Sessions are the Consultants for the Town of Lewisboro
Joseph Cermele is the Town Engineering Consultant
Jan Johannessen is the Town Planning Consultant