Electrify your lawn care

The Town has received a $5000 Clean Energy Communities Designation Grant for promotion of sustainability initiatives. The Town Board has approved the Sustainability Committee to apply the funds to a campaign to incentivize the transition to clean electric landscaping equipment. The campaign provides discounts on electric lawn care equipment in exchange for trading in a gas-powered piece of lawn equipment. The campaign will run on recycling Saturdays starting 6/25 and continuing through 7/30. Bring your equipment item and exchange it for a voucher worth $100 towards the purchase of a piece of electric landscaping equipment purchased from either Copia Home and Garden in Vista, or Chubby's Hardware in Scotts Corners..

Important: the equipment item must be emptied of fluids. Run it till it runs out of gas, and then tip it to drain the oil into a container. Local service Stations are obliged to take waste oil under NY regulations so you can bring it to them.

Please see the linked flyer, and background presentation material for more information.

7.26.2021 Gas leaf blower trade-in initiative presentation:   NYSERDA Clean Energy Community Grant Presentation - Electric Lawn Care Equipment