Monument Permit Requirements

Please note the following with regard to monument permits:

Excerpt from Cemetery Regulations:

1112. Before erecting any kind of memorial, the contractor shall file at the Office of the Town Clerk, a blueprint or sketch of the proposed memorial showing the design and plan of the work and shall show sizes, kind of material, inscriptions, and location of proposed memorial on the plot. The maximum height of any memorial shall not exceed forty-two (42) inches, measured from grade level. Before performing work of any nature upon the plot he shall present a written order signed by the owner or owners or their successors in interest of the plot or grave, as his authority for same. The approval of the Town must be obtained and a permit secured before commencing the work or bringing any material into the grounds.

Note: In addition to the above, the application must show the depth of the foundation, (not less than three feet) and be accompanied by the required fee of $100.00.
Once the permit is issued, the monument location must be staked by the Cemetery Commissioner before excavation. An inspection of the excavation must be made by the Cemetery Commissioner before pouring the foundation.